Islam maintains that the Qur’an that we have is the unalterable word of God. It is now exactly what it has always been. Muslims use this as a proof that the Qur’an and the Qur’an alone is inspired and that only the Qur’an has been saved from human corruption. Allah personally preserved the text as his true, eternal, and perfect testimony. This article will demonstrate that the text of the Qur’an is neither true, eternal, nor perfect. Instead, it is a book of purely human origins, evolving over a period of time.

In this paper, I intend to expose Darwinism as being even more racist than their accusations against Christianity.  I will look at the seed of scientific racism as planted by Charles Darwin and how that seed matured into full blown racism. I will also examine and contrast the theological consequences of Darwinian evolution with the theological consequences of God’s existence as our Intelligent Designer, as it relates to racism.

The Bible contains numerous prophesies about events far into the future-events verified by historical evidence. As a matter of fact, the Bible contains 1,817 prophecies. Twenty-seven percent of the Bible is prophecy! Other religions do not have specific, repeated, and unfailing fulfillment made many years in advance of contingent events over which the predictor had no control.

In an effort to prove this, I selected a number of predictions from the Bible, made by prophets who claimed to be speaking from God. These predictions cover a wide range of topics. All the events are verified as historical events hundreds and thousands of years after the predictions. Additionally, I validate these events with historical, secular, non-Biblical sources.