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Giving an Answer

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As I said those words it occurred to me that I really did not know what the RCC taught.  I knew that they accepted books into their bible that we did not.  I also knew they had this thing for Mary and the Pope was supposed to be infallible, but that was about it.  The Catholic Church was not part of the curriculum we studied in seminary.

The African American Guide to the Bible

Dr. H.C. Felder’s Book is Here!

The African American Guide to the Bible deals with the arguments used to support the idea that Christianity and the Bible are incompatible with people of color.  The book demonstrates that the Bible alone is God’s word,  people of color are central and prominent in the biblical landscape, and God views all of humanity as one.


The purpose of Giving An Answer is to demonstrate to an unbelieving world that Christianity is the true Faith, and that the true Faith is based on sound evidence. The ministry equips Christians with solid answers to tough questions. As a result, Christians are both built up in their own faith and better able articulate the truth and win others to Christ.

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