Giving An Answer

Giving an Answer

Ministering to a fallen world.

Responding to Arguments Against the Existence of God Based on Evil

Throughout the history of western thought, numerous philosophers and great thinkers have struggled with what is known as The Problem of Evil.  A number of influential philosophers have posited the incompatibility between the existence of God and the existence of evil.  A number of theists have defended their co-existence.  Former Oxford professor of Philosophy J.L Mackie took the theist to task by attempting to expose their arguments as invalid and unpersuasive.  Mackie represents a number of non-theistic criticisms of theistic arguments for The Problem of Evil.[1]  Because of this, I will examine Mackie’s arguments from a theistic perspective and demonstrate that it is Mackie who has failed to be persuasive in his arguments against the positions that reconcile the existence of God with evil.

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